Bolt together verses weld together metal buildings

The decision to go with a bolt together metal building or a weld together metal building can be broken down into some minor considerations.

These considerations although minor are important to consider based on the priorities you want for your metal building build.

Bolt Together Pros:

Bolt together buildings make it easy for you to expand the building in the future with little hassle involved. With a bolt together metal building there is a lot of durability with a structure like this because bad welds can break but bolts hang on.

This is a pre-engineered kit with everything you need to put the building together. You will find some welds but those were done for you at the manufacturer.

Not having to weld anything speeds the build process up however some people would love to learn to weld in the process of building. Take a look below at the pros of weld together buildings.

Weld Together Pros:

Weld together metal buildings are cheaper to construct especially if you are the one doing the welding. The more pre-engineered parts to your building the more expensive it will be (bolt together). If you are doing all the cutting and welding it will be a strong building and much less expensive. 

 If you don't want to learn to weld you will have to hire contractors to cut metal and weld metal on site as there will be some cutting and lots of welding needed. Hiring installers will add to your building costs so if you are not the one doing the welding you might want to go back to considering the bolt together metal building.

Metal Building Hack: 

A little hack to save you even more money is to do all your flashing, trim, facia, and soffits with rough cut cedar wood. The specialty cut trim, facia, soffit metal drastically adds to the cost of your metal building.

What is the Best Choice?

Many people buy the bolt-together steel building to make a garage, workshop, mini storage building, as well as industrial and commercial business facilities. The construction time is much less with a bolt together building. Since people are ready "now" for their building to be built the bolt-together building handles short build times time constraints.

Long term you will find that the bolt-together metal building has fewer maintenance costs compared to a weld together building. Weld together building kits often arrive to your building site sooner because the cutting and welding happens at the construction site rather than the manufacturer. Because you have to hire a crew to cut and weld the building together in most cases construction costs are more expensive (unless you and your buddies are putting it together.)

Bolt together buildings can handle very high wind loads and snow loads. Weld together buildings are harder to modify as everything is permanently stuck together and will require cutting. When you want to add on to your building there will likely need to be some cutting involved rather than unscrewing some bolts.

Here at Log House Buildings we prefer the bolt together metal buildings because of the ease of construction, versatility and all the advantages in their construction they offer. 

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