Metal Building Projects

These are multiple metal buildings that were bought and installed with our turnkey price that includes everything but the concrete.

We do the concrete slabs for about 75% of our customers if you need a slab for your building. I am proud to serve you with your metal building needs. 

We also have a wide selection of tiny houses, green houses, and portable buildings. 

Certified Metal Buildings, Garages, RV Covers and Barns CUSTOM-BUILT METAL CARPORTS, GARAGES, AND MORE!



These are just some of the many buildings we have built custom based on our customers requirements. 

Any building purchased has a turnkey price that includes delivery and installation. We usually have a 4 week lead time and sometimes less. 

Call Donny at 903-245-4989 with your questions.



My name is Donny Eisenbach and I can walk you through the planning stage of your project and can give you an exact turn-key quote for your metal building which includes installation. 

We also do about 75% of our East Texas customers concrete slabs. I would be happy to quote you on a slab as well. You can call me at 903-245-4989 with any questions.