Whitehouse Texas Metal Building Sales

We offer metal buildings for various solutions in Whitehouse Texas. Barndos, Garages, Shops, storage, residential builds, subdivided duplexes, combo buildings of various types and unique business office spaces.

We build about 75% of the concrete slabs for our customers. When designing your metal building (or having us do it for you) in Whitehouse Texas and the rest of East Texas we encourage you to get at least 3 bids. 

In many cases we can design you a metal building with no fee. If you need architectural building plans outside of the metal building shell that would be a separate cost. Getting a few bids for architectural and plumbing and electrical plans is recommended if you need more than just the metal building shell. We can help you get some bids for these services if you need help with that.

Get 3 bids for your building as well as 3 bids for your concrete slab. If you do a barndo that has a brick ledge around the bottom you will have a thicker concrete footing. Depending on the width and height of your brick wall will require different footing depths and widths. 

If you decide to be your own subcontractor be sure to measure the concrete forms the workers put down to pour the slab. I have seen a few East Texas slabs out there where the slab is not square. The attempt at fixing and installing a metal building onto a concrete slab that is not square can be a big headache. 

 A designed building plan that has plumbing and electrical outlets at the required locations and an unsquared concrete slab creates a lot of serious construction problems.

Your Whitehouse painted or galvanized metal building project can be greatly helped by using us to do a building site inspection. We can come out and tell you what needs to happen at your land and measure your concrete forms to make sure they are square

Our turn-key metal buildings can be custom designed, delivered and installed in two to four weeks. Give us a call or submit your information to learn more. We look forward to talking with you.

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